JDL Studio Photography


JDL Studio Online Fine Art Photography & Printing

At JDL Studio Online we're in the process of setting up a new print & photography studio with additional space for matting and framing. So when that's finished we'll be offering prints of our own photography, and optionally including matting and framing services. Visit https://www.jdlstudio.online for more details.


Wildlife Photography

The Wildlife Photography archive contains two full screen slide shows, one for Winter Birds and one for Blue Birds. Both of these image sets were taken after two major snow storms hit us back to back in Kansas. We also added a single screen showing an example of how these images can be used for large fromat printing on canvass or other materials. Then finally we added a page called Pet Videos showing how video clips can also be added to this archive over time.


Nature Photography

The Nature Photography archive also contains two full screen slide shows, one for Floral Scenes and one for Lake Scenes. We had a small garden devoted to flowers that summer, and decided to hang out with a camera late one day to see what we could catch. Flower gardens are always full of interesting creatures, and even with all of these I still missed some things I wasn't fast enough to capture. The Lake Scenes slide show was the result of walking across the lake dam and back, and just in that short time I was able to catch a decent number of images.


Garden Photography

The Garden Photography slide show is an attempt to gather better documentation for our gardening process this year. We're trying a new Three Sisters Garden - which consist of companion planting with corn, beans and squash.

JDL Studio Photography